Owners guide to key rental policies

Payments — Personal check, traveler’s check, cashier’s check, cash… but no credit cards at this time.

Security/Damage Deposits — $500 for short-term reservations, $1000 for long-term.

Cancellations & Refunds — In the event of cancellation, a deposit will be refunded if notice of cancellation is received 45 days in advance of the arrival date for summer rentals and 60 days for winter rentals. No refunds will be made for early departures for bad weather except after a Hurricane Warning has been issued for the immediate area.

Check-in & Check-out — Check-in for renters is Saturday between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. Checkout is Saturday by 10 a.m. Late check-in and check-outs out must be OK’d in advance. Tenants are informed upon arrival that upon checking out all trash is to be placed by the renter in the dumpster or appropriate container, all dishes washed, the refrigerator emptied and the beds stripped.

Cleanliness & Safety – It is the top priority of the Watermark Rental Group to provide rental accommodations that are clean and safe. Members are expected to promptly address repairs, most especially of anything essential to current and future tenants. Professional cleanings are done before a unit will be occupied by rental guests. Each cleaning gets a final inspection to check behind the cleaners and to document any damage. Annual Fall “Deep Cleanings” are required of Watermark rentals. These heavier cleanings may be done by in-house cleaners at rates established by the Rental Group or by another cleaner hired by the owner or by the owner himself/herself. All deep cleans are expected to address the tasks outlined in the Rental Group checklist. Upon completion, each gets a final look-over by the managers to ensure the units are ready for occupancy by their winter renters.

Smoking – Smoking is not allowed inside any Watermark vacation rental. Smoking is permitted outdoors in designated areas, including balconies when the sliders are closed. Rental Group members with specific health issues and other owners concerned about minimizing the dangers of second-hand smoke have posted NO SMOKING decals on their balconies.

Pets — Renters are not allowed to have pets unless an owner has requested that his/her unit be designated as ‘pet-friendly.’ If a renter is discovered to have a pet in a no-pets rental unit, the managers will advise the tenant of the need to transfer to an available “pet-friendly” unit …or, if none is available, to find other accommodations for the animal. Tenants who fail to act promptly on these instructions will be asked to leave.

Repairs & Breakage – Renters are advised upon arrival to report any repair problem or breakage to the managers immediately rather than wait until checkout.

Tenants & their guests — Renters are responsible for behavior of their entire party and all visiting guests during their stay as it applies to adhering to Watermark rules and policies related to the Rental Units, Pool, Common Elements and Parking.
Turtle Nesting Season / May 1 – November 1 — Local statute dictates that all window drapes are to be closed between dusk and dawn during the period

Hurricane Season / June 1 – November 30 Owners are responsible for securing their units during hurricane season. At a minimum, balcony furniture must be moved safely inside the unit. Contact office if you need assistance. Tenants must leave if a Hurricane Warning has been issued. All occupants must seek shelter elsewhere during a mandatory evacuation.

Garages – It is the member’s responsibility to maintain a clean garage with space for the tenant’s vehicle and that is free of potential hazards… and, also to secure personal possessions that are not for the enjoyment of rental guests.

Owner bookings — No owner-booked party will be considered officially booked with dates locked in until that party has been sent a confirmation. Thus, to ensure proper processing and to minimize the possibility of overlapping bookings, members are responsible for informing the office of:
• tenant’s name & contact info
• dates of the reservation
• rent quoted (if something other than base rent)
• any deposit that has been discounted or waived
• any money to be collected upon arrival